Expand your horizons with Amazon Pay

To use Amazon Pay, the customer only needs an Amazon account. Payments are made using the method of payment deposited at Amazon - either by direct debit or credit card. Amazon Pay does not pass on the payment data stored in Amazon.de customer account to the seller.

Advantages for you

Checkout optimization

Benefit from Amazon's years of experience and the many innovations in e-commerce and payment optimization.

Increase the purchase completion rate

Adding Amazon Pay as a payment method can increase your purchase completion rate.


You can use Amazon Payments fraud detection technology to better protect yourself.


Advantages for your customers

Give your customers a unique shopping experience.


Your customer does not have to create a new account or re-enter his bank account details. He simply pays with his Amazon account.

Worry-free shopping

Provide a fast and proven payment method that your customer already knows.


Amazon Pay gives your customers the possibility to buy via voice control - with Alexa Skills.


Use Amazon Pay for your Payrexx Pages



Log into your Payrexx account.


Add Amazon Pay

Under "Payment Provider -> Other" you can select Amazon Pay.


Integrate Amazon Pay

Integrate Amazon Pay with our guide: Amazon Pay Integration in Payrexx.