Pay cash in thousands of partner stores

viacash enables consumers to easily pay cash for online purchases and invoices in thousands of partner branches. With over 16,000 points of sales, viacash offers the largest independent payment infrastructure in Europe.

The customer has a barcode sent to his mobile phone or prints it out, takes it to the nearest partner branch and pays conveniently in cash or with the payment method of his choice.

Advantages for your customers

With viacash you can address important customer needs.


Convenient and uncomplicated payment of online orders in a partner branch using cash or other payment methods.


Thanks to the constantly expanding network, a partner branch is always just around the corner and can be reached 24/7 with the SBB vending machines.

Protection of personal data

Secure payment without registration and without providing sensitive data.


Advantages for you

With viacash as an alternative payment method in your online shop you will increase your turnover and accelerate your processes.

No credit risk

As a merchant, you only ship the goods once you have received the real-time payment confirmation and are therefore on the safe side.


Benefit from the advantages of viacash at the best conditions and relatively low transaction fees.


Through the innovative payment method you can open up further customer groups who have no possibility or are not willing to pay your order digitally.


viacash in three steps

Select viacash as payment method and pay in cash at the nearest partner branch.


Buy online

Select viacash as payment method and have your personal barcode created.


Pay cash

Go to the nearest partner branch and pay there in cash or preferred payment method.


Receive order

The payment is immediately confirmed to the dealer and the goods are dispatched.

About viacash

viacash or Barzahlen (brand name in Germany and Austria) was established as a new payment system in Germany in 2013 by the Berlin-based Financial technology company viafintech (formerly Cash Payment Solutions)  and has enjoyed great popularity and trust ever since. 

As market leader in Europe with the largest independent payment infrastructure, viacash partners include the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), dm-Drogerie Markt, Rewe, Penny, Rossmann, Real and many more.